The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Cloud»

Meaning of Dream «Cloud»

Dream Interpretation:

Islamic interpretation

Dreaming of clouds represents course of life that provide the people with drinking rainwater that also lets them wash their dirt, water for sustenance as well as crops. Clouds ion the dream indicate understanding, knowledge, wisdom, clearance as they portray divine kindness. Dreaming of clouds also indicates friends or an army that carries the water and this water indicates life and the element of originality from which they were generally created. Dreaming of clouds represents airplanes, ships, or it their color is black or they carry stones or thunder aloud, it represents the characteristic of a leader that’s antagonistic and the one who deprives the people from their rights or makes them suffer due to laws of mandates.

Dreaming of a cloud right within the house or decreasing upon himself indicates that joining of a company of believers or receiving the award or that he’s soon going to witness wisdom or it’s time for him to wish for a child as his wife will have one.

Dreaming of clouds, being a merchant, indicates that the destination will be reached soon by the merchandise.

Dreaming of seeing himself riding over the cloud indicates being wedding to a pious woman, exaltation or that the dreamer will surely attend pilgrimage if he wishes to. Or else, should he ask for a wish, he will be known for his wisdom and knowledge.

If he is well qualified, he may lead the army or that he will have a rise in the rank, or that he’ll be sent away as the emissary of the government or also as an ambassador.

If one expects clouds to water the farms, masses of clouds carrying rains and reaching the direction of the farms indicates calamity.

Dreaming of clouds carrying the acid rains or even polluted rains or if they are being driven by extremely heavy winds or if they hold fires or ashes or dust or rocks from the volcano, it indicates calamity that is going to strike the locality or that the people may receive travelers’ news out of which the majority will perish in the trip. Clouds also have a meaning of man-made religions that may spread and innovations as well.

Dreaming of merging with the clouds indicates his relation to a wise man or a man of knowledge.

Dreaming of eating clouds indicates that he will have legally earned money from someone due to which he may gain immense wisdom.

Seeing himself amassing the clouds means that he will soon learn the wisdom by a close associate.

Dreaming of seeing himself mingling with the clouds indicates that the will soon mix up with the people of knowledge and will get to learn nothing from what they say or may practice nothing at all of what they teach.

Dreaming of riding the clouds indicates fame for his knowledge and wisdom.

Dreaming of the son turning into a cloud indicates the earning of his livelihood from teaching religious knowledge to others. Dreaming of black clouds indicates forbearance, joy, wisdom and honesty.

Dreaming of black clouds carrying a fear or threat in the dream indicates that the dreamer will be reprimanded by a wife person.

Dreaming of seeing himself creating a house over the cloud indicates that he will lead an honest life earning a legal money and his life with have integrity as well as wisdom.

Dreaming of building a palace on the cloud indicates wisdom and that he does not commit sings.

It also indicates his prospering from being wisdom or building, with his deeds, a palace in paradise.

Dreaming of a cloud in hand along with rains indicates wisdom in his speech.

Dreaming or turning into a rainy cloud indicates that he will surely benefit people from money and will live a wealthy life.

Dreaming of gold rings from a cloud means that he will get the lesson of wisdom from a good man. Dreams of clouds also symbolize the people in charge who do favors but ask for nothing in return.

Dreaming of hearing a human sound from behind the cloud indicates that the God is willing for him to attend the pilgrimage.

Dreaming of a black cloud represents a judge who is just whereas a white cloud indicates a noble and blessed justice. Clouds in the season also represent prosperity, benefits as well as profits.

Dreaming of mass black clouds carrying no rains at all indicates extreme cold, benefits, sorrow or sadness. Clouds that are red in dream indicate sickness, adversities or distress.

Dreaming of a cloud covering the town indicates blessings.

Dreaming of black clouds when you’re going to go to a trip indicates that his protection and safety can’t be guaranteed. On the contrary, if he is not happy about something, it indicates that his sorrow will be broken. White clouds symbolize work, job or even business. Rising fog in the dream indicates journey or the return from one. Dreaming of red clouds indicate lack of work.

Gloomy clouds indicate stress.

Glad tidings are represented by welcoming clouds in the dream.

If an evil person dreams of such clouds, it indicates a chastisement of the sins or a calamity.

Dreaming of seeing the clouds covering the sun indicates that the ruler of the land is not well.

Dreaming of wearing a shirt of clouds indicates that the Almighty’s blessings are with him. Dreaming of clouds may also represent miracles, virtues, blessings and love as they also appear when the saint or prophet pray for rains in order to shelter the blessed person from sun’s heat. Dreaming of clouds may also represent traveling by air or sea.

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