The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Chocolate»

Meaning of Dream «Chocolate»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Eating the chocolate in dream means that your wish to relax and be in waking world. Being in today’s world, we seem to be always busy, and it is surely good to have some time for yourself to enjoy the easier things in life. You may want to go on a small vacation, or may require something good and easy, like movie or a dinner (surely followed by a chocolate).

If you dream of eating a white chocolate, you fear of letting yourself take everything you are worth of in life. Many times you take less than your value, without knowing the fact that you deserve much more. Consider your current state: are you able to settle down when you want more from life? If yes, it’s time to change.

Dreaming of an unwrapped chocolate and not eating it states that there is an easier way to get what you want in your life, if you search for the same. Dreaming of a wrapped chocolate and not eating it states that there are several difficulties for you in achieving the goals. However, even if there are several problems in the way, the result will be positive in the end.

Dreaming of receiving the chocolate as a gift states your romantic love life. It can have two meanings: one that someone holds a special place in your life or other that you await for a special person. Dreaming of someone else eating a chocolate has an almost similar meaning, but it also means that in the way of getting that someone special in your life, you are letting him get in your joy’s way.

Dreaming about cocoa power states that there is bitterness in your life which is not letting you be happy, enjoy and relax. You are unhappy because of someone or something, and you must put an end to the problem to stop this bitterness from spreading to your personal fulfillment and freedom.

Dreaming of eating an excessive amount of chocolate indicates that you over indulge at times. It is good to take a break after right time intervals but you are not supposed to ignore your responsibilities. Relaxing breaks need to be rare and small to have immense time for social as well as work lives as well.

Dreaming of turning down the offer of chocolate states that you do not let yourself have what you want in life. In simple words, you can blame yourself about your undervalued life as you are the one holding yourself back. Dreaming of craving for chocolates indicate the same meaning. Find out what you can do to change your life so that happiness can fill in it.

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