The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Children»

Meaning of Dream «Children»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Children has many different meanings and symbols. Children are small people, known for being good and innocent. Children is a representation of things that every adult wish to pass on. First of all, everybody have children due to a couple’s innate desire of passing down their genetics and also people where we can pass on our different ideas, dreams, and hopes and of course love. If we cannot accomplish some things in our lives, we pass it forward to our children and help them to deal with it right before leaving them.

Psychological/Emotional Perspective

Children signify many things in a dream, just like accomplishing long repressed desires as well as wishes. If you see children in your dream, it could also be a reflection of your inner child. The child within you might have been telling that you need to be well nurtured and that you should grow well. It is also a representation of a carefree attitude and innocence. When you dream about children, it could all be for the reason that you are bored or somewhat being immature lately. People spend most of their time worrying about their responsibilities, personal or professional life. As a matter of fact, people spend time stressing out that they already forget that they should go out and de-stress themselves. Though it might not seem like the perfect time for it, you should always take some time to go out, make fun and enjoy life. You need to breathe, stretch out, and walk some more and just have a great time, in order to have a healthy mind and body. Even if these things makes you feel like a child, keep in mind that an adult also needs time to play and have fun.

Original Meaning

Seeing your children in your dream is a representation of habits, ideas or even developments that are being encouraged. It could also be the aspects or situations of your life that you would like to see flourish. It is also a reflection of yourself based on the thing that stands out the most about these children. Your child or your children will have different representation about the aspects of your life, based on your feelings about them. When you dream of losing a child, it means that you are being overloaded or stretched beyond your limits. Juggling too much because you are involved with something else is another thing. Getting so caught up in minor details that you forget what is essential is another reflection of dreaming about children. On the other hand, to dream of a dying child is a bad omen, it can be a representation of unpleasant change or loss to a certain area of your life which had potential. Positively, a child death could reflect a growing problem which had been dealt with finally. If you have children and dreamed that you forgot them, it is a reflection that you might be overwhelmed with a number of responsibilities. You should always get some time to fix yourself and prioritize what needs to be. This dream is also a significance of your needs and essential aspects of your life.

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