The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Chicken»

Meaning of Dream «Chicken»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Chicken is a flightless bird that lays eggs and it is also eaten in most cultures. Seeing chickens in one’s dream signifies that the individual is a coward and has less willpower. Seeing chicken in dreams also means that you are about to experience something new in near future. This is because chickens lay eggs and eggs represent prosperity. You are also likely to be a chatter box and a person who likes to gossip about others.

Psychological/emotional aspects

Lack of will power is the most characteristic feature signified by watching chickens in one’s dreams. If you find yourself eating chicken, it means there is some unhealthy part of your life that you need to take away or cut off. If you see yourself holding a chicken in your hands, it means that someone close to you needs your guidance. A hen laying eggs in your dreams means new opportunities are awaiting you in future. You are lucky if you see a black hen while a white hen signifies everything is relaxed and happy in your life. If you see a chicken being sacrificed, it means that you are unnecessarily harsh upon yourself. If you see yourself as the owner of many chickens, it means that you are well off.

Do you see yourself eating raw chicken in your dreams? It means that you are not fully ready for certain situations in your life. It also means that your destiny is not clear and therefore you are having difficulties in reaching your goals. Seeing a chicken in dreams means you are not a very brave person (read you are a coward). It also means that you love gossiping.

Original Meaning

A chicken in dreams means the woman of the household while a rooster means the man of the household. Chicken also means a woman who takes care of orphans. If you see yourself hunting a chicken in your dream, it means that you are lawful and receiving profits from your work. If you see a large number of chickens inside your house, it is a sign of prosperity. Seeing a chicken is a portent of good times ahead as chicken is a symbol of fertility. However, it could also mean that you are a coward and a chatter box. Fear is implied when you see yourself eating chickens. People who see chickens in their dreams are often those who lack willpower.

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