The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Cherry»

Meaning of Dream «Cherry»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Cherry depicts a woman’s full lips and also the beautiful kiss and thus in the dream, it indicates love and true feelings. Dreaming of picking up cherries means that the dreamer is going to have strength in a relationship that currently exists or may even make new friends. Sweet and tasty cherries depict kisses whereas the sour ones depict sadness; the black cherries create sufferings due to a particular passion. The flower of cherry depicts a young love, along with the warmth of encouraging a new start. Mediterranean countries have cherry trees that are considered as the knowledge trees and cherry is a fruit that is considered as the fruit of paradise.

During the ripening period pleasures as well as deceptions are depicted by this tree whereas beyond the period of ripening, there is a straining of vains.

If the cherries hand on tree, they depict misfortune and remind the dream about the care as in such a dream, the dreamer sees the surroundings planning against him. Cherries that are picked after being matured let the expectations of big and huge luck when it comes to love whereas the immature ones depict sadness. The dreamer needs to focus on his contact in the dream.

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