The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Caterpillar»

Meaning of Dream «Caterpillar»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Appearance of caterpillar in the dream indicates that we are facing some sort of a major change. It is a warning that we must prepare ourselves for a complete destruction before we achieve the goal.

Then there will be a period of transformation.

Islamic interpretation

Caterpillar in a dream indicates a thief wearing the cloak and being under the disguise of a pious person, who slowly and gently steals away people’s wealth or motivates them for investing in loss making business ventures. Yet, no one suspects him of the wrong doing due to his appealing appearance.

Emotional/psychological perspective

Caterpillar dreams represent the need to be flexible in attitude towards change. Moreover, due to caterpillar’s connection with creepy things, it may indicate difficult or evil.

Ordinary meaning

Caterpillar dream indicates hypocritical and low people that are bound to come in near future, and you will do good to keep them away from their deceitful appearance. You may end up suffering from a loss in business or love.

Caterpillar dream denotes that you will be put in embarrassing situations, and that there can be an expectation of a small respect or gain.

Spiritual potential or metamorphosis, that is unrecognized, is symbolized by a caterpillar that must transform to something very beautiful. We must change ourselves and be something different by changing and growing from what we currently are.

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