The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Cat»

Meaning of Dream «Cat»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Cats are cute and adorable creatures that are kept as pets by people around the world. However, cats are known to be treacherous and deceptive. Seeing them in dreams is not considered a good omen as you can expect treachery and cheating from those around you. Killing a cat in dream reflects enemies in your life.

Psychological/emotional perspective

Cats are feminine in nature and they represent feelings of freedom and power, especially if a lady dreams about them. If you see a cat in your dreams, it means you will emerge victorious in a contest in near future. There are people who do not like cats or are afraid of these creatures. For these people, to see a cat in dreams expresses their fears and worries in life. A cat also reflects the fact that you are not comfortable with the feminine qualities inside you. If you have bad experience with cats earlier, and you see them in your dreams, it is indicative of emotional turbulence and a condition of mental dilemma.

You can expect your share from inheritance when you see a cat in your dream. It could also be share from business or work. If you are a man, seeing cat in dreams indicates that you may leave your wife and children in future. Cat in dream means the same for a woman as she can leave her husband. Cats also reflect fighting, cheating, theft, adultery, a bastard kid, etc for some people depending upon their circumstances. However, cats in dreams are not always a bad omen as in some cases; they can indicate a gentle and soft spoken person. A cat could even reflect a kind lady who has a liking for herself.

If you see a cat stealing something in your dreams, it means that you will be fined by the authorities in near future and you could also have fight with the authorities. A wildcat in your dreams is not a good omen for you as it indicates that you will lead a life of adversity and hardships.

Original Meaning

Cats are known for their treachery and cunning nature. Seeing them in dreams is generally not a good omen for people. Seeing a cat means you could leave your spouse and kids. Wild cat sighted n dreams spells disaster as it could even mean your death. Bitten by a cat in dreams signifies a crooked woman.

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