The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Castle»

Meaning of Dream «Castle»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Castles are huge buildings that were used by royalties and nobles in old times. These royal residential structures are symbolic of magnificence, luxury, grandeur etc. They are often seen by people in their dreams. They are the people who are curious about these buildings and explore them in their dreams. In a sense, these iconic structures express the aspects of life that are very difficult, almost impossible to attain.

Psychological/emotional perspective

If you see yourself at the entrance of a castle, trying to get inside, it reflects your own shortcomings and inferiorities that you need to overcome. It is like making use of gigantic and mesmerizing structures to find the true meaning of life. Truth is a castle, they say, and this reflects the meaning of your search of the castle in your dreams. A castle in the dreams represents a desire on the part of the dreamer to know more about the owners of the royal residence. It could also be expressive of the desire to know more about the army that uses the castle for fortification. Alternatively, seeing a castle in your dreams expresses your desire to seek refuge in the protection of the almighty from the evil spirits and the Satan himself. The towers you see in the castle represent the influential leaders that you remain impressed with. The gates of the castle represent the guards while the fortress of the castle equates with the ministers. The coffers and the clan are represented by the barns and the hospices of the castle.

Castle is also symbolic of an individual who is incorruptible, someone with immense strength and conviction. If you see yourself peeping at the castle from a distance, it means that you are progressing in professional life. Being inside the castle in your dream indicates the fact that you have lots of wealth and you are able to live life the way you want to. You have contacts that are spread all over the world and you travel to many parts of the world.

Original Meaning

Castle is the residence of the kings and the queens and to see a castle in dreams is indicative of your curiosity and a desire to know more about these imposing structures. Old and dilapidated castles in dreams reflect your romantic nature but it is not a good omen as your business might suffere in near future.

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