The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Carnival»

Meaning of Dream «Carnival»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

We all love to go to carnivals to have some fun and enjoyment in the company of others. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like them. However, there are some people who see carnivals in their dreams. These are also the people who go for cheap thrills in their real lives.

Psychological/emotional aspects

If you find yourself in a carnival enjoying rides, it may signify the fact that your life is going in circles. Carnivals and circuses are representative of lies and deception. But if you see clownish figures with masks in the carnival, it means that you are either facing marital discord at home or your business is dissatisfactory. You may be emotionally scarred because of disharmony in your married life and this is why you see carnivals in your dreams. Dreams about carnivals also mean that you are expecting some unusual recreation or pleasure in your life. Carnival is a place where you like to forget all about worries and problems even at the cost of disorganization. There are experts who feel that you have a false sense of reality and try to run away from problems in your life if you see yourself in a carnival in your dreams.

Dreaming of a carnival means a desire to engage in orgies or excesses in life. There is a yearning on the part of the individual for a change in his life. This may pertain to disguise one’s reality in life to behave or act like someone else. If you are dreaming of yourself in a carnival, it means that you are trying to hide behind a mask and running away from reality.

Original Meaning

If someone sees a carnival in his dreams, it means that he is likely to indulge in unusual pleasures in the near future. If he sees clownish figures or people wearing masks in the carnival, he is probably experiencing discord in his marital life or failure in his business. Seeing yourself in carnival rides implies that you are going in circles in your life with no goals and an uncertain future. The same applies to seeing oneself riding an animal inside the carnival. There are very few individuals who see them running away with the carnival itself. This means they are people who will one day make it big in the entertainment industry. If you are just seeing others dressed up in a carnival, it means you want some amusement in life.

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