The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Car»

Meaning of Dream «Car»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Car may be just a mode of transport for you but it also signifies comfort and convenience. It is a very common dream symbol that represents your motivation to achieve a goal. This is true when you see yourself driving the car while sitting inside the car as a passenger means that you have given the responsibilities in your life to another person in real life.

Psychological/emotional perspective

Car is intricately linked to our lives and we cannot think of life without this mode of transportation. However, cars are also associated with us at psychological or emotional levels. If you are driving a car all alone, it indicates your independence. Seeing one applying the brakes of the car in a dream means that you are in control of your life. Seeing the engine of a car in a dream means you are thinking about important machines in your life.

If you see your car getting involved in a mishap, it means that you are fearful of failing in an important life situation. If the car catches fire, it expresses your distress and emotional imbalances of your life. Your irresponsible behavior is indicated by the act of driving a car in a rash manner in a dream. If you see yourself driving your car in a reverse gear, it means that you are falling into an old habit or that you have been forced to take back a decision in real life.

Your ride in the car in your dream has different meanings. If the ride is smooth, it means you will smoothly glide towards goals in real life. But if the ride is rough or bumpy, it means that your path will be full of obstacles. Being a passenger indicates that you are playing a passive role in your life whereas driving it means you take active art in all endeavors of your life. If you see yourself sitting in the backseat, it means that you are low on confidence and allow others to take control of your life. Being hit by a car means that you are in a conflict with business partner and you should try to amicable resolve this conflict.

Original Meaning

Cars are seen by many people in their dreams. They have different interpretations depending upon the position of the dreamer inside the car, whether he is driving or s just a passenger, is the drive smooth or rough, and so on.

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