The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Cake»

Meaning of Dream «Cake»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Positive signs are depicted by dreams of cakes. Since cakes are generally prepared for others (and not usually for yourself), they depict compassion and love that you possess for others. If cake is a general part of the dream, and if it has another person, you may be thinking about those special people in life the most.

Dreaming of eating a cake means indulgence, but it may be a positive sign. You love others a lot if you have a good experience in eating the cake in your dream. In simple words, your life has a huge amount of love, whether you know it or not. This is a positive aspect, so learn to respect that love through this dream.

If the experience of eating the cake in a dream is bad, it may be a different kind of indulgence. There may be many people you love, but they may not be the ones you say. You have a feeling of being used, and such a dream tries to tell you this.

You may have dreams of a cake made for some special occasions. General examples are wedding cakes and birthday cakes. Both of these are positive indications that talk of some sort of a celebration. Aging is represented by the birthday cakes, but dreaming of birthday cakes talk about care and love that people have for you in your life all these years. Dreaming of wedding cakes bring good luck, especially if a woman dreams of the same. New beginnings and good luck are depicted by wedding cakes in the dream.

In certain circumstances, special occasion cakes may also depict negative things, although they are a good sign in general. Dreaming of encountering the cake prepared for the special occasion in an isolated or unknown place indicates a bad omen. Chaos, mess and disruption are portrayed by a dream wherein you see a birthday cake at the wedding. As the cake represents loved ones, you may feel overwhelmed due to a particular situation in your life. Take a back, and be sure that your subconscious mind does not feel that your family is taking all of you. Keep a balance between your professional, personal, friends and family life.

Dreaming of cravings for a cake and not getting to eat it states that you are longing for a specific person’s love. You have enough support and love for people in life, but at times you feel you do not get returned by the same kind of love.

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