The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Butterfly»

Meaning of Dream «Butterfly»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Butterfly symbolizes happiness. Dreaming of a butterfly indicates that you need to go back to easier things in life, or makes you remember about your playful spirit. Fighting against power is also symbolized by a butterfly, since it indicates youth, which has not turned enough mature to take care of the rules.

Dreaming of turning into a butterfly indicates that you have certain mid-life crisis or are reaching a big development, like turning into a senior citizen, in life. Dreaming of a young butterfly indicates that you wish to go back in time as you are not very sure about the transformation. Dreaming of an older butterfly or a butterfly creating a cocoon is an indication that you find comfort in being transformed and are eagerly waiting for it.

Losing a butterfly in your dream means losing love, but there is also the representation of surrendering your spirit – are you sacrificing something major in your life? According to the Christian symbol, butterfly signifies spiritual enlighten. Such dreams are segregated as spiritual enrichment. Dreaming of a butterfly that is tropical (consists of various colors) indicates that your life will be successful.

A butterfly may also indicate our mental and physical health as well as strengths and weaknesses. Currently, if you are going through a tough time in life, you may dream of a butterfly. Do not be worried, you may have a secret fear for something.

Butterfly in the dream may also indicate the essence or spirit of your soul. These insects are mere symbols of changes, as they go through transitioning phases. They are beautiful, delicate, and many times, motivational. Such a dream may also mean that you are not aware about a part of yours or someone else’s life, which is positive.

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