The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Bus»

Meaning of Dream «Bus»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Bus is a mode of transport and a very common occurrence in the dreams of people. If you see it in your dreams, it is likely that you are experiencing a long journey in your life along with others. However, some people see this mode of transport when they are actually undertaking or about to undertake real journey from one place to another.

Psychological/emotional perspective

Bus is not considered a very positive symbol by experts. If you are constantly seeing this mode of transport in your dreams, it is likely that you are not in control of things around you. In other words, you are no able to react to situations the way you want to and rather being carried away by others and other events. If you see yourself missing out on a bus, it means that you are not in control of your life and need to make changes accordingly. You either need to slow down or move ahead at a faster speed. If you see yourself getting on a bus that is wrong, it signifies wrong choices made by you in your life. This means you are facing an emotional conflict and need to realize what right or correct path is for you.

Seeing a bus is indicative of the fact that you are not independent and need the help of others to move ahead in life. When you buy the ticket of the bus in your dream, it means that you are actually paying the price in your real life where you are always trying to please others.

Original Meaning

It is a fact that we take a bus in real life to complete a journey or to go from one place to another. If we see them in our dreams, it means that we are either undertaking a journey or about to take one in life. It also means that the individual is not a leader and leading a life in a group along with others. If you see yourself trying to catch a bus or the bus leaving you behind, you are not able to reach your goals or you are not able to connect with other people emotionally or socially. Seeing yourself involved in a bus accident means you have met with an embarrassing situation in life. If see yourself sitting inside a bus moving in water, it means that you are involved in an emotional journey with other people.

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