The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Bull»

Meaning of Dream «Bull»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of a bull indicates that there’s a competitive feeling that exists in you about something. Such a dream indicates a feeling of aggressive emotions that may come out any time. It may also symbolize stress of being lonely in some kind of struggle that you currently have in your life – maybe that the people around you have left you alone when you really need them the most. Dreaming of a bull also indicates your life’s stubbornness. You may need to be more assertive no matter how pushy the risk seems. Such a dream may also represent the suppressed sexual feelings – a sexual pleasure’s urge that currently lies in you.

Such a dream may symbolize the lack or presence of aggressiveness. The time has come for you to have a good reflection in the mirror. Is it true that you’ve been way too rude to someone you really care or love, currently? If yes, you have to be a little more careful. Your attitude may be taking them away from you. Is there a need for you to show more assertiveness at the workplace? Are you being treated badly by the people there or are they taking your good nature’s advantage?

If yes, it is time for you to make the change. Tell them that you mean pure business and you are certainly not a pushover. If may also be a time for your promotion. Most of the times, it is necessary for you to remind your bosses about how well you are in handling the work so that you can be compensated for the extra work that you do back at your workplace.

Dreaming of a bull being taken up by the horns represents your requirement to control your life. It is time for you to take a positive and firm stand on various problems that you are currently going through. Your soul is ruled by you and sometimes your life requires to be taken away by the collar and shaken for the change. Sometimes, it is necessary to be a bull-y. Sometimes, that’s what life needs.

Dreaming of a bull in the field, countryside or a farm represents your feeling of being at peace, naturalness and also tranquility. There’s a need for you to take a retreat, getting back to the roots just in case you feel that you’ve turned too aggressive in your life. Rest is also a necessary thing to be creative, always remember that!

Dreaming of being a bull means that you’re actually doing your best to reach or get your horns sunk in something that’s not easy to hit. Do you think your projects are feasible? Are you sure that you are investing your time as well as effort in something good? If you dream of observing a Spanish bull fight, there’s an indication of adventure in life. Grab on with your life and do something adventurous. Your real life does not always require being about aggression as well as success towards all that you do. Life isn’t too big for all of that. Take out time to enjoy the fragrance of flowers and drown in the blissful scenery of your life’s path.

Bulls were the animals that were used as offerings to God. Christian, Jewish, Hindu and various religions of the Ancient Egypt refer to cows as well as bulls. Dreaming of an ancient bull sculpture, statue or anything of that sort may indicate that you need some time to consider how well have you been towards your worship form as well as the religion to which you belong. Moreover, dreaming of ancient times represents messages from Gods. Are you feeling more spiritualistic currently in your waking life? Take out some time and give it a thought!

Dreaming of a crying or weeping bull represents your loneliness or efforts of seeking attention. It represents that people in your life do not give you enough time and value. You may feel lonely. Do you need someone in life currently? Do you think people are not valuing you enough?

In dreams, you may have a personal contact with the baby bull. Such a dream indicates you need to be creative and produce more ideas. Make sure you try to stretch your creativeness by exercising your mental stability through activities like meditation.

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