The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Bread»

Meaning of Dream «Bread»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Bread is a sign of pure life, abundance and wealth. The best dream of bread is when you are having it. The more bread, the luckier you will get. If you see moldy bread in your dream, it is an indication that a disease is about to strike you. However, if you see that you’re eating bread, you’ll be powerful and rich. White bread is for new and honest friends. Generally, bread is a good omen, which means life is nothing but good for you. The only thing is that, if you dream of bread that is not made of wheat, it is an indication that you’re living a hard life.

Psychological/Emotional Perspective

Bread stands as a basic food for the material needs of life, but it can also embody life experiences, wishes, personal matters such as love and relationship. It is also a religious symbol. More often, it is considered as a favorable sign of your life, such as your material, social, intellectual and spiritual needs. Such a dream symbol is a sign that you’ll be able to survive, abundance of food, certainty, security and strength. Fruit is not the most essential food of a person, but it is something which came from grain won and made-good bread. As human, we always consider divinity as the most important food in our lives, which makes bread to be essentially what we need. With such, the bread is a symbol for many things, but it doesn’t stand for luxury and leisure, mostly for our basic needs. With bread, there is little to no negative bad dreams.

Original Meaning

Insufficient amounts of fresh bread means that your physical wishes will come true. A bread that doesn’t taste well in your dream is a reflection that you are uncertain as to what you really want for your life. There’s always a big possibility of making the wrong decisions in your life. Loaf bread is a sign of friendship and relationships. When your dream symbol is bread, your physical and spiritual body is equally strong. A big loaf of bread is a meaning that success and prosperity are just at the corners. When the bread you see in your dreams are old, hard and moldy, it merely announces the hardships of life and trouble will come to drag you down. If you dream of dividing the bread with other people, it announces your basic experiences. Eating bread while you are hungry is a reflection that one envies your success and social standing. Baking and eating bread is an indication that you’ll be successful towards life. To dream of high quality bread, is an indication that you will get a job that pays more than the minimum wage. If you dream of slicing a load of bread, it is a symbol that you’ll be confident all through your life. A person dreaming about bread will be blessed. Bread is a sign of divided sources and union. More often, bread is connected to good times, and dreaming about you are offering it to people is a symbol that you’re a generous kind of person.

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