The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Birthday»

Meaning of Dream «Birthday»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of celebrating someone else’s birthday states that you will be helped by someone close to you and it is necessary for you to thank that person. Any celebration or anniversary in a dream indicates a happy get together of the family. Dreaming of being at a birthday celebration states that your future will be pleasant.

Dreaming of a child’s birthday indicates the inner child of the dreamer. This feature of your dream reminds you that you must not ignore good times or opportunities to express yourself that, if you do, will a great effect on the success of your life in future.

Dreaming of blowing out the candles represents that an individual close to you may have been hurt by criticism, and that this person was too slow in reacting or defending himself or herself. Further features of the birthday dream should be noted, like whether there were balloons in the party, which states that one of your friends is very proud of himself.

Birthday dreams may also mean arguments within the family. Dreaming of people partying for the birthday indicates fair business deals. Dreaming of being a young person and seeing that you are at a birthday, may mean that certain difficulties related to finance may occur in future, but if you dream of being an adult and attending the birthday means that the difficulties would be hard for you to face and you will feel left alone.

Dreaming of a birthday party indicates that good news is on its way. If your dream of a party at a friend’s house, it is a sign of happiness. Dreaming of being at a wonderful birthday party states that your family life is content. Dreaming of a boring party indicates that you are not happy with your friends. Birthday party dreams indicate that you will earn money, or one of your wishes will come true, soon. Dreaming of dancing people at the birthday party indicates that you will hear good news related to your friend.

Dreaming of receiving gifts on your birthday indicates that you will fulfill your plans. Dreaming of gifting someone, something on his birthday, indicates that you will soon be invited to an event of great importance.

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