The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Bike»

Meaning of Dream «Bike»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Bike is a wonderful contraption that takes us to different places. If you see yourself riding a bike in your dreams, it signifies the need for attaining balance in your life. You are thinking of some kind of assistance while moving ahead in your life. Riding the bike uphill in the dream means your progress is slow while riding it downhill means your endeavors will be completed quickly. If you are pushing the bike along, it means that the help you receive from friends in life will be not worthy of mention. If you find the weather bad, it means that there is need to take a second look at your plans. On the other hand, good weather seen in dreams in which you are riding a bike means that you will advance smoothly.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

Riding a bike in your dreams is indicative of the fact that you need to work to achieve a better balance between work and pleasure. If you find the bike having training wheels attached to it, it means that you lack in confidence and need help and assistance from others to solve the problems of your life. You feel afraid or worried that you might not be able to complete the tasks on your own. It also reflects your desire to change things in your life.

If you find it difficult to ride a bike, it means that you have anxieties and worries in life and you think you are not going to make it on your own. Bike is also a sign of leisure and recreation and so to see yourself riding this contraption signifies your desire for good times. You should take time off your work and get some recreation to reduce your stress levels.

Original Meaning

A bike is a mode of transport, a very private and personal possession. A bike is a dream symbol as it requires skills and balance to ride it smoothly. If you are feeling happy while riding the bike in your dreams, it means you are happy and relaxed in your real life also. You have confidence in your abilities and moving ahead in life in a smooth manner.

Condition of the bike in dreams has significance. A new bike reflects new circumstances. If you are able to climb on to the bike easily, it means that you are confident and able to tackle the challenges of your life.

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