The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Bear»

Meaning of Dream «Bear»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Bear is a large animal known for its brute force and perseverance. Seeing it in your dreams signifies that you are a leader and can tackle hard situations in life using your strength and patience. If you see a bear in your grandmother’s home, it means that she is a dominant figure in your life.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

Berar is a sign of aggression but also possession. It represents cycle of life which means birth, death, and resurrection. You are calm and have a reservoir of strength and power. You need to indulge in some soul searching if you see a sleeping or hibernating bear in your dreams. Being chased by a large bear in dreams is indicative of the fact that you are trying to run away from an important issue in real life. The time has come to stand up and face the issues in your life. If you see a standing bear towering over you, it means that you have to stand up and defend your beliefs. A teddy bear in your dreams means that you are searching for security and comfort in your life.

A polar bear in your dreams is indicative of the fact that you can experience disappointments in your love life. Bear is a very aggressive and threatening animal in Nordic countries. Seeing it in dreams can be a sign of a threat or danger in real life also. Bear mother is fiercely protective towards its little ones. Therefore, to see a bear in your dreams means that you are thinking about living and surviving alone on your own strength. If you see a bear in zoo or captivity, it means that it is time to take stock of your emotional problems in life.

Original Meaning

Bears are big beasts that can be very aggressive and threatening. But in dreams, a bear signifies a cycle of life. It also means that you are experiencing change and transformation. If you are attacked by large and aggressive bears in dreams means that you are being overwhelmed by obstacles and worries in life. You are being threatened by a situation or a partner who is domineering. Most experts associate a bear in dreams with danger and threats though there are also many who feel that a bear is also a symbol of power and a protective force. One needs to interpret the meaning of bear after taking into account the individual perception as well as the place of bear in the culture.

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