The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Bay»

Meaning of Dream «Bay»

Dream Interpretation:

Emotional/psychological perspective

Dreaming of keeping something at bay indicates a requirement to be on the guard – to a certain level we’re feeling threatened.

Material Aspects

In a traditional way, to know the bay or inlet indicates the consciousness of a woman’s sexuality as well as receptiveness.

As water indicates emotion, bay or inlet represents an important emotional connection to the feminine energy.

Islamic interpretation

Dreaming of a bay indicates a woman and a man entrusted to safeguard and take care of each other’s secrets, money or belongings.

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of a bay represents understanding.

Something is present that’s getting clearer.

Dreaming of bay also suggests that you’re keeping someone at distance and are not letting them be too close to you.

Mind usually gives us a lot of images while dreaming that clarifies our attitudes to our everyday lives and ourselves.

If you enter a bay or inlet and you’re a man, it indicates to the ancient myth of Argonauts and Jason and the search for something achievable only along with difficulty.

Dreaming of a bay if you’re a woman indicates private self as well as her secrets.

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