The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Barbie»

Meaning of Dream «Barbie»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Barbie is the most famous doll around the world. It is used and seen so commonly across various cultures that it has become a dream symbol on its own. You are longing for companionship and comfort if you see a doll, specifically Barbie in your dreams. It is also an expression of your childhood as you played a lot with dolls when you were a kid. Psychologists have found another interesting association of Barbie with you. There is something amiss in your personality or in other words your personality development is incomplete when you see a Barbie doll in your dreams.

Psychological/emotional perspective

A doll is an integral part of the play time of a girl. Girls learn their lessons easily while playing with these dolls. This is why when they see a Barbie in their dreams, it is indicative of a desire to relearn the lessons they learnt during childhood. Barbie represents some sort of a puppet that can be manipulated by others. If you are seeing it in your dreams, it means that there is someone in your life who is dominating you or otherwise using you to fulfill his own goals. This could also mean that there is someone important in your life that is actually not honest to you. If you find yourself talking to Barbie in your dreams, it means you are looking for support and companionship in others. This doll in a dream can be an expression of your desire to break free from your problems and worries in real life.

Dolls are friends who can be showered with love. However, they also take all the anger and resentment that you have inside you. If you see a Barbie in your dreams, it means that you are looking for someone who can be your alter ego and listen to all your worries and complaints. You can say everything to this doll in your dreams, even those thoughts and emotions that remain pent up and repressed in real life.

Original Meaning

Dolls are an important aspect of the life of small kids, especially girls. They grow up playing these inanimate companions. Barbie represents these dolls as a superior doll. If you see a Barbie in your dreams, it means you long for the good old days of your childhood. You could also be looking for a friend or companion as there is someone close in your life who is cheating you and manipulating you for his own goals.

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