The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Banana»

Meaning of Dream «Banana»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Dreaming of a single banana indicates sexual desires because of the shape. If you have had a dream of a banana, it means that you’re thinking about sex and dreaming of a banana if you’re a woman indicates your actual nature towards others around you. It could mean that either you’re too affectionate towards others or maybe you’re not affectionate at all. Eating bananas in the dream states a new beginning in business affairs.

Decaying banana dreams indicate a business disagreement. Such a dream is related to the non-productive behavior. Dreaming of eating a banana is related to working hard but unable to achieve the goal. If you generally don’t like having a banana, it states that you’ll surely not enjoy the process that is needed to reach the goal.

The knowledge that we have is due to the perception done through the organs of sense that is taste, in this case. You have knowledge of all the materialistic things that you’ve thought about yourself, if you have never thought much about your senses. You may have never considered different physical agencies required to be taken into account. Looking at the banana gives you an instinctive feeling that there’s nothing interposed between your conscious mind and the banana. Eating the bananas is related to the unconscious mind. This predicts a disturbing result that you never believe in stopping and you, however, should take out some time to relax.

As a matter of fact, the impression of your sense for banana must go through a high number of intervening physicals agencies right before you can be aware of it. Dreaming of a banana cake or custard suggests that there’s a direct perception of a reality that is not possible, and the feelings of others will be focused. Before being aware of the feelings of others, there must be a countless distinct physical events. The most main message in such a dream of a banana is that you may have to face a difficult decision related to different relationships in future.

Material Aspects

Most of the fruit dreams are related to harvesting of actions done in the past or sexuality. Due to the shape, banana represents penis. However, due to its yielding nature, it also represents masculine sexuality.

Emotional/psychological perspective

Unlike the other fruits, banana may represent sustenance or fertility and a bunch of bananas may represent good harvest. Dreaming of green bananas suggests that a particular plan has not yet been carried out practically.

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