The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Apricot»

Meaning of Dream «Apricot»

Dream Interpretation:

Ordinary meaning

Dreams of apricot are usually negative in character.

Dreaming that either you or the other people are having apricots is certainly a warning of reaching bad omen as well as misfortune.

In the same way, if you dream of apricots growing on the tree, the positive outlook that you presently have may lead to depression and immense sadness. Thus, you need to be careful of your assumptions.

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of an apricot out of the season symbolizes illness.

Dreaming of an apricot tree, which is fruit-bearing, indicates a wealthy man. But dreaming of an apricot tree symbolizes someone who is going through a very serious illness and is not use to the others who surround him. On the contrary, it is known that dreaming of an apricot tree symbolizes someone who has a cheerful face and is courageous in defending himself; however, the same person is extremely stingy with his family. Dreaming of an unripened and green apricot represents squeeze of money. However, dreaming of ripening yellow apricot in the dream denotes higher profits. Dreaming of eating ripened apricot means generosity as well as a charitable attitude or it could even mean getting out of a suffered illness. Dreaming of breaking a tree branch means a fight with a friend or family.

Generally, dreaming of breaking a tree branch means to claim money of someone or even denying giving him in money, or it could even mean to fail in performing the prayers of oneself and also ignoring obligatory fast or also to misuse or damage a property that belongs to someone else.

Dreaming of being in an apricot farm means to be responsible and trustworthy.

It is also said that dreaming of an apricot tree symbolizes a hypocrite as yellow apricot in the dream represents illness and hypocrisy is nothing but a type of illness.

A tree of apricot in the dream also symbolizes a rich woman. Dreaming of plucking apricots from its tree could also mean getting married to such a rich woman. Dreaming of harvesting any tree that has fruits symbolizes work as well as pleasures, except for harvesting the mulberry tree as it represents toiling, time wastage and hardship. Dreaming of plucking apricots from a tree of apple means creating an impression of unjust regulations upon others.

Generally, dreaming of a yellow colored fruit symbolizes illness.

Dreaming of a sour taste fruit signifies sorrow and stress.

Dreaming of an apricot also symbolizes getting various situations under control and also returning to the normal self or it could also indicate content gains.

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