The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Apple»

Meaning of Dream «Apple»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

At a very ordinary and common level, seeing apples in your dreams is a signal that you are happy and content in your life and living a life that is full of love and fruitfulness. Apples in dreams also indicate a particular month of the year.

Psychological/emotional perspective

If you see yourself eating an apple in your dreams, it signifies your desire to soak in knowledge from various sources. But apples are obviously associated with Adam and Eve. Apple is a very commonly used word in phrases and sayings. This can lead to many people seeing apples in their dreams. If you see yourself giving an apple to someone else, it means that you are appreciating and recognizing the efforts of another individual. But if you see yourself picking up an apple that is rotten, it signifies that you are going to meet an individual who may not be good or lucky for you.

Original Meaning

Apples in dreams are believed to be symbols of attractive kids. But for a king or a ruler, apples mean that he is thinking about his kingdom. In a similar fashion, apples in dreams mean his crops to a farmer and merchandise for a merchant or a trader. You are a determined individual if you see yourself eating apples in your dreams. But there is a difference between eating a sweet apple and a sour apple as sweet apple signifies earnings and income that is lawful while seeing oneself eating sour apples means you have unlawful income. Another interesting fact about apples in dreams is that you are inactive and lazy if you see only the tree while seeing sour apples means you are facing hurt and trouble in your life.

If you are a subject and receive an apple from the hands of the king, it means attainment of one of your goals or good news otherwise. If you see yourself planting a tree of apple, it means that you care for orphans and you are planning to adopt a kid. In general, seeing apples in your dreams means that you are an important member of the community you live in and serve it well. If you find yourself plucking an apple from a tree, it means that you are earning money from a source that is respectable. If you are counting them, it simply means you are counting your money.

If you see yourself standing inside a mosque and smelling an apple, it means you are about to be married in near future. But if the apple is being smelled by a woman, it means that she is guilty of misconduct or maybe even a sin. If the same woman sees herself tasting apple in a place that she knows, it signifies that she will soon give birth to a good looking son. Taking a bite of an apple is related with sex and biting the apple means you are either obsessed with sex or trying to satisfy your sexual cravings.

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