The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Apocalypse»

Meaning of Dream «Apocalypse»

Dream Interpretation:

General meaning

Dreaming of an apocalypse (which means the world’s end) indicates a drastic change that you would experience in yourself.

It may also mean a lifestyle’s end along with the start of another one.

World’s end is a potent image, which is believed by all the religions that exist around the world.

Dreaming of an apocalypse (lifting the veil) generally indicates hidden meanings.

It has got to do with what we are afraid of, along with the survival of those who are strong and those features in life that are extremely important in our lives.

Such dreams you are able to save the grave for your faith as well as beliefs. Generally, some symbols are related to the belief that exists in you that separates you from the other individuals that you see in the dream.

Emotional/psychological perspective

Such dreams are highly prevalent at times and depict a major change, personally or professionally as well. You may have to guard yourself from others and be fast in convicting the order to overcome any opposition that comes your way, from your internal self.

Knowing something that the others are unaware of is also what is depicted by apocalypse.

Material Aspects

Apocalypse dream talks of a transformation phase, changing yourself completely into something else.

You may have instincts that you are risking too much in life or you may be affected by certain circumstances that are huge to handle.

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