The meaning of the dream in which you saw «Ant»

Meaning of Dream «Ant»

Dream Interpretation:

Material Aspects

Ant is a very common insect found in all parts of the world. It is regarded as a hard working and diligent creature. If you see ants in your dreams, it means that you are hard working and diligent. You are very cooperative and industrious. You are ant like in the sense that you conform to social standards and believe in mass action. Ants in dreams signify a big family and fast marriage of the dreamer. You are also likely to make profits in business and stay independent of others.

Psychological/emotional perspectives

Seeing ants in dreams is indicative of the fact that you have primal instincts and you can survive against all odds. Ants have been depicted in psychological thrillers to exemplify threat perception. In real life too, you perceive some imminent threat to your existence if you see ants in your dreams. You are confronting unpleasant situations or an unpleasant individual in life if you see ants in your dreams. There is something in your life that is making you feel unhappy. You probably do not like the way you live and want to change it. Perhaps others do not understand you and you are not comfortable.

Alternatively, ants in dreams represent your hard working and diligent nature and their appearance indicates an increase in business activities. If it is a single ant that is seen in your dream, it indicates the fact there is an all important goal in your life left to be achieved. You are going to succeed in your endeavor with the cooperation of others.

Ants can be very annoying and irritating creatures also. This means that you feel neglected and dissatisfied from your life. You are tired of the monotony of your life and crave for a change. You are carrying the burden of the expectations of other people and think of others rather than giving preference to your own needs. As ants can be irritating in waking stage, you need to make an analysis of your life and see what it is that is gnawing at you in real life.

Original Meaning

Seeing ants in your dreams can be a good omen as well as a band omen. These small creatures are hard working and industrious but they are also irritating and annoying. You are not happy with your life as you try to please others. You are trying to reach a goal with the help and cooperation of others.

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