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Meaning of Dreams

Dreams, each of us has dreams, bright and colorful, and sometimes gray and faceless. Dreaming is the echoes of the past for us, but sometimes are important signs and trying to warn us about upcoming events. Dreams lead us into the past, allowing us once again go through all the happy and sad events of our lives. Sometimes in dreams we see the magical visions of the future, allowing us to see what we could not imagine in real life. We remember some dreams very clear for a long time, but immediately forget them awake. All this wonderful world of our dreams.

The contents of our dreams has long been one of the greatest mysteries of mankind. At various times, people have very different ideas about the meaning of dreams.

There is a need in this art, the value of sleep, since sleep can be a real warning to us, can promise us joy and prosperity, and can warn us of impending trouble or illness. Sleep can give us hope for the future of love and happy personal life, but may be a harbinger of disease or of someone's death. Dreams can help us enjoy the possible positive aspects of life and prevent undesirable events that repeat in our lives. There are many types of the interpretation of dreams, we try to find for you only the most proven explanation of dreams.

We can say that dreams have nothing with real life, but learning how to properly interpret them, you'll see how many possibilities that they can give you. You make sure that the dream is nothing more than a continuation of reality, full of secrets and mysteries, but allows you to plunge into the future and understand the past.

We constantly get huge flow of information in real life. This information is continuous and has no end. Since the resources of the human brain is very limited, we have to leave in memory only the most necessary and useful information that is most important to us at this very moment, and the rest will filter automatically in our brains, and we just forget about this - at least, we think so. But in fact, we have the feeling that we forgot something important.

We have to thank our subconscious for his work, which is like a sponge collects, stores and analyzes all incoming information. But in sleep, when our brain a rest from a busy pace of life, our subconscious just coming to the fore, bringing us all the unnoticed or filtered information in the form of dreams - vivid performances that we are lucky enough to see every night.

Just because it's hard to overestimate the importance of dreams, but often our dreams are a collection of vivid impressions of the day and do not carry any additional information. Such dreams are easy to understand and interpret, as they repeat exactly all the recent events that have occurred to us that we can clearly remember.

Nevertheless, our dreams remain an important source of information for us, and the predictions made the value of dreams always come true.

We just have to learn to interpret our dreams. And our dreams book was created for just this purpose. This will help you to understand the "web" of your dreams, imagining them not as a set of experienced events of the dream, but it gives you a complete picture and explanation of all that you have seen in a dream.

Understand, that the true meaning of the dream will be identified only by means of a common set of definitions of the events of your dreams. During sleep, pay attention to people, objects and animals around you. Even the smallest and most insignificant details of your dream are actually very important to understand if you want to understand your dream.

Thus, to understand your dream, try to remember as accurately as possible, what you saw, the form of your own definition of what is going on, and only then turn to the book again for the help.

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